Break Away from Gmail

 Tired of Gmail issues?  We move your mail to a more reliable platform securely.  No muss, no fuss, we do all the heavy lifting. If your time is better spent building your business, let us take care of this pesky project.  Contact us or leave a … [Read more...]

Electronic Health Records

Whether we like it or not, storing our health records electronically is here to stay. If you are a physician, you hate this probably more than trying to figure out your billing statements. It can also be pretty frightening for a patient - all of … [Read more...]

Technology is Fun

How awesome is technology? It continues to evolve, never asking anyone's permission for anything and the more advanced it gets, the cheaper it gets! Where do you see yourself with all this new technology:  A) Embracing everything that comes your … [Read more...]

How Do You Store Data?

Data is getting out of control! Not too long ago, we ran out to the store and picked up that 5.0 megapixel camera and were shooting photographs that averaged 1-2MB. Today, camera's are averaging 10.0 megapixels - creating images around 4-8MB. Data is … [Read more...]