Technology is Fun

md_tabletHow awesome is technology? It continues to evolve, never asking anyone’s permission for anything and the more advanced it gets, the cheaper it gets!
Where do you see yourself with all this new technology:

  •  A) Embracing everything that comes your way
  •  B) Always on the fence
  •  C) Too old to care what’s new


  1. A, embracing anything that comes! With respect to compatibility in the Enterprise. so sick of users always saying IT blocks them and equipment is no good! BYOD then, I don’t care, we can use whatever you like nowadays, but the Enterprise has it’s way of giving access for security purposes so users should respect that as well. They cry when they lose their stuff though! LOL! Anyway, looks like you have a cool company!

    • RG Admin says:

      Merging both access and compliance is always a delicate issue and with many users lugging in their own tablets, phones, and laptops, the task at hand gets more difficult as time goes on 🙂

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