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Swear by your computer, Not at it.

We have decades of experience helping technology and humans to live together in harmony.

What We Offer

Live Help

Our experts can help you solve your IT problems now.


Your domain, Microsoft's servers.


Solutions for email scanning, virus protection, and even the dark web.


Our cloud backup solutions will keep your data protected.


Expert Guidance

Our service is designed to analyze, confront, and solve your business needs. We provide customized solutions to all of our clients and are extremely results-oriented and professional. We will work with you throughout the entire decision-making process to guide you to success. Contact us to find out how we can help today.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“RG Technology has been very responsive and thorough; they are a pleasure to do business with. We have used RG Technology many times and have been completely satisfied on every occasion. I highly recommend them.”

A Google User

“Greg has been awesome at making it all work the way it should without causing sticker shock. Lord knows I am one to get livid when the technology stops working. Greg keeps everything working right!”

A Google User

“When I needed advice, RG Technology Solutions was there to guide me through every step of the decision-making process. With their help, we managed to get back on track in no time.”

Reese Mathers

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